It’s here, our new Elle & Everest style guide is finished!

Welcome to the magical world of Elle & Everest, an inseparable duo comprised of Elle, a curious-yet-pragmatic little girl and Everest, her toy Elephant – and bestest friend in the whole wide world!

When these two lovable explorers embark on their exciting adventures (with a little help from Granny’s Magic Chest),their world becomes very wide and wonderful indeed!

Elle represents every little girl and boy who has oodles and oodles of questions that they’re just bursting to ask.

Whenever Elle asks a particularly interesting question, the Chest begins to sparkle. Elle takes a look inside, where she finds a costume in just the perfect size!

Elle pops the costume on… says the magic words… and Whoooosh! Elle & Everestare magically transported on another fun and fantastical adventure!

We are thrilled to be representing this exciting new IP to our partners at #LIE14 #HadleyBuckWorld