Deer Little Forest is a high-concept Arts & Lifestyle Property featuring the elegant, playful and instantly recognizable designs by Jo Rose.

Jo’s handcrafted, richly textured artwork features a forest full of genuinely original animals surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.

The personality and humor of the characters will captivate children while their sophisticated charm appeals to young adults and parents alike.

Deer Little Forest aspires to become an evergreen brand epitomizing these ideals:

  • The inherent humor of animals
  • Making nature a part of daily life
  • Traditional play in the outdoors
  • Creating fun for children and parents to share
  • Inspiring artistic creativity

Deer Little Forest’s beautifully hand-crafted, unique design is a natural fit for traditional publishing as well as stationery, arts-and-crafts, activity books, back-to-school, ceramics and textiles.

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