Myne Cards has further extended its roster of licensed contactless protector cards – welcoming artist Dominique Vari following a deal with This is Iris.

Dominique Vari takes everyday words and turns them into relatable art, capturing a theme into a single piece of art.

Dominique’s first Myne Card will be available from the second quarter on Amazon and select retailers.

The cards are made to be placed into a wallet, purse or phone case to stop scammers reading contactless cards.

“Contactless payments now make up over a third of all payments and there is talk of raising the £30 limit,” said Myne Cards’ Keith Milburn. “By teaming with select licensors we can keep consumers safe and brighten up their purse.

“Dom Vari’s art is a great fun addition to the collection and is a great gift.”

This is Iris’ Sarah Lawrence added: “Dom Vari’s artwork is very relatable and modern art centric. Her artwork makes a perfect gift and will bring a smile to purses everywhere.”

Reported by Samantha Loveday