A huge thank you to all who came to our stand P20 @irislicensing over the past three days.

It is has been amazing to meet with licensees, retailers and the all important artists & designers who bring so much to this event.

For the first time in years the industry came together on one floor – what a difference that made!

We’ve had the return of the Art & Design seminar (thank you to Etta @halfmoonbay & Reggie from @PaperRoseCards) and the very first Art & Design License This! event (Congratulations to the winners @SBurmanDesign & @zaraillustrates & to the wonderful Art & Design finalists   It was great to work with you @thepoint1888 @VickiThomasA @kelvynGardener @lJDagg as well as launching a new program to highlight The Power of Art & Design within our colourful industry – it looks like we’ve started something @jehane_ltd ! To learn more about this say hello@thisisiris.co.uk

Have a wonderful, restful weekend and we’ll see you all again soon!

#bleurope #ble18 #art #design #licensing #powerofartanddesign #powerinartanddesign Watch this space!


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