We are thrilled to hear that we have been nominated for a Venus Award for Devon.

This is particularly important to us as this award recognises women in business in our home county of Devon.

“The Venus Mission is to create a nationwide awards programme that recognises and rewards local business women and delivers business and personal development as a result.

The concept was established in 2009, purely to recognise and reward women-in-business in Dorset.  To enable expansion we re-branded as the Venus Awards and currently engage directly with at least 12,000 women-in-business per year. And this is just the beginning.

Venus is now five years old, proven and successful.  With incredible growth potential, Venus is capable [at scale] of multiplying its reach tenfold.  That means direct engagement with 120,000 + women in business per year.  Winning the hearts, souls and minds of this demographic is surely a worthwhile cause.

Currently in eight regions: Dorset, Southampton, Devon, Brighton, Bristol, Portsmouth, Oxford and Birmingham, the Venus growth-plan projects Venus into 52 + UK regions by 2018 with an international presence by 2019″

We would like to wish all nominees good luck.

Here’s to being brave enough to try, to taking risks and not regretting that very first step…